1ª Conferencia Regional sobre Preservación Patrimonial en las Américas:

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30 de agosto a 2 de septiembre, 2016

Medellín, Colombia

evento1 1ª Conferencia Regional sobre Preservación Patrimonial en las Américas: Intercambios Prácticos y proyectos futuros

Programa de la Conferencia

Conferencia Regional sobre Preservación Patrimonial

30 de agosto a 2 de septiembre, 2016

Medellín, Colombia

The theme of the meeting is: “Heritage Preservation in the Americas: Practical Exchanges & Upcoming Projects”, which will provide thought-provoking presentation sessions, discussions groups and posters about current and future heritage preservation projects in the Latin American and Caribbean regions.
The 1st APOYOnline Heritage Preservation Regional Conference aims to strengthen the networks of conservation professionals that already exist and to foster professional communication networks through personal contacts between conservators of the Western hemisphere. It aims to foster professional development in the Americas and allow for hands-on training through a four-day Workshop on Photographic Conservation, Fundraising & Advocacy, offered by Debbie Hess Norris, Chairperson, Art Conservation Program from the University of Delaware, USA. 

The conference will  welcome 80 participants from 14 countriesfrom North, Central and South America and the Caribbean regions.

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